Zelifcam is a global software development company founded by Brandon Howard, based in San Antonio, Texas. Our team is backed by over 20 years of experience developing custom software for web and mobile, as well as providing software maintenance and project management.

Zelifcam Origins

There are two kinds of people: Those who see the word Zelifcam and become immediately overwhelmed with a sense of mid-90s internet nostalgia, and those who scratch their heads wondering where on Earth the name came from. Most fall into the latter category, so that’s where our story begins.

Brandon Howard was in elementary school when he first discovered the burgeoning world of gaming on Apple computers. His favorites included a traffic control simulator and an electronic ant colony simulator called SimAnt. He loved them so much that he set out on a mission to find a way to play the games on his computer at home… for free.

Brandon found himself in an AOL chat room called Macfilez, which specialized in distributing mass mailing lists of pirated software. However, playing SimAnt at home was just the beginning. Brandon stuck around long after he’d downloaded his favorite games until finally, his account was banned, and Macfilez closed its virtual doors. He created a new AOL account, and thanks to some highly technical, extremely sophisticated mid-90s hacking, located his former online community that had since been brought back to life. A reinvented version of the retired name, the letters Macfilez were reversed, and Zelifcam was born.

From that moment on, Brandon never saw software the same way. He spent nearly all of his free time on his computer, learning everything he could about programming, hacking, cracking, phreaking, and the occasional MUD.

Not Your Typical Software Developers

At Zelifcam, we strive to make custom software development as simple as possible. While we live for technical jargon and software lingo, we recognize that most of the time, our clients do not. We aim to never bore our clients or alienate them with overly complicated technical minutiae… unless, of course, they’re dying to hear it.

All of our developers are located in the United States. We know that there can be price advantages to hiring developers offshore and nearshore, but in the long run, the actual cost can be higher as a result of cultural, language, and time zone barriers. It’s not uncommon for these issues to result in a disconnect between your product and its intended audience. Zelifcam eliminates these issues, ensuring a final product that fully services your intention.

Most importantly, Zelifcam puts clients first. Our lines of communication are always open. Every client has direct access to the project manager assigned to their project during regular business hours. Additionally, every client is given access to their own project dashboard to watch updates in real time.